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Data reveals a majority of Hash Power favors Bitcoin Cash SV

Data reveals a majority of Hash Power favors Bitcoin Cash SV
Data reveals a majority of Hash Power favors Bitcoin Cash SV

Since the Nov. 15 Bitcoin Cash hard fork brings closer, the vast majority of hash electricity favors the Bitcoin Cash SV iteration preferred by Australian computer scientist Craig Wright’s nChain, info from Coin Dance reveals Nov. 12.

Based on Coin Dance, 66–77% of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) miners are financing the SV network based on money hash speeds, in contrast to 18–29 percent funding Bitcoin Cash ABC, which will be preferred by crypto evangelist Roger Ver.

The information is an estimate based on which mining pools have demonstrated support for the coins following the ultimate hard fork.

Conversely, Coin Dance notes of those 2,246 nodes operating on the Bitcoin Cash system, 1,079 are Bitcoin Cash ABC nodes, while 166 are Bitcoin Cash SV nodes.

Source: Coin Dance

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Notably, neither variable is a complete index of which camp will probably emerge on top following the tricky fork. Starting a Bitcoin node is economical, and in concept, an individual could establish several nodes for under a couple of hundred bucks. While hash speed is vital to get Proof-of-Work (PoW), if a coin isn’t approved by trades, then the hash could be wasted. At this time, Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV are trading on Poloniex at $393 and $107, respectively.

The controversy surrounding the tricky disk took a personal turn before this week, even as arguments from each side’s biggest proponents, Ver and Wright, became strongly worded. Wright — that has promised to become Bitcoin (BTC) inventor Satoshi Nakamoto — supposedly claimed in an email that Ver”hates Bitcoin” and regards him as”an enemy”

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Wright reportedly completed his email by copying, “I AM Satoshi” and saying”Have a wonderful life. You may now find me pissed off”.

At this time, Bitcoin Cash is down four percent over the day, trading at 508.60, based on data in CoinMarketCap.