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Amazon wins two patents in Blockchain sector: Cryptography and Distributed Data Storage

Amazon wins two patents in Blockchain sector: Cryptography and Distributed Data Storage
Amazon wins two patents in Blockchain sector: Cryptography and Distributed Data Storage

E-commerce giant Amazon has just won two patents associated with approaches for protecting the integrity of electronic signatures and improving dispersed data storage. Both patents were printed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today, Nov. 13.

The very first patent record, first registered in April of this year, summarizes a “trademark delegation” procedure for”protecting the integrity of electronic signatures and encrypted communications,” by enabling the creation, supply, validation, and revocation of all one-time-use cryptographic keys.

In the proposed system, these keys are organized in what’s called cryptography as a “Merkle Tree” construction, which is a binary tree of hashes assembled from the base up.

As technology networking platform Hackernoon outlines, Merkle Trees are a”fundamental part” of blockchain systems, as they allow for a large body of information to be economically and safely confirmed:

“The Merkle Root outlines each the information in the associated trades, and is saved in the block header. It preserves the integrity of this information. In case one detail in some of those trades or the arrangement of these trades varies, so does the Merkle Root. Employing a Merkle tree permits for a fast and easy evaluation of whether a particular trade is contained in the group or not.”

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According to the recently published patent record, Amazon’s suggested Merkle Tree-structured, encrypted system intends to handle the way to delegate signing authority by a central thing into the several Sellers who are authorized to sign on its own behalf.

Since the patent filing reads:”the touch authority gives a key-distribution service which distributes blocks of cryptographic keys to approved signing delegates. A licensed signing assign contacts the key-distribution support and asks a block of cryptographic keys”

In circumstances where a specified cryptographic key is”marked as invalid,” following a”key revocation service inquiries that the Merkle tree of delegable keys,” then the support”supplies the verifying entity using a revocation value related to the revoked cryptographic key” Amazon summarizes that in some scenarios, the crucial revocation database could be implemented with blockchain.

Amazon’s next patent published now and first registered mid-Dec. 2015, relates to issues pertaining to distributed information storage.

Amazon’s filing suggests a”grid monitoring technique,” utilizing classes of accumulated “shards,” where every shard signifies a logical supply of information objects stored in a specific grid. The patent filing indicates this procedure can help minimize storage capacity, while allowing for optimum accessibility, durability, and way of recovery.

Notably, many technology startups, including Filecoin, Sia, Storj, and Swarm have attempted to handle similar problems using distributed data storage utilizing blockchain technology, frequently combined with cloud storage alternatives.

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Beyond chasing blockchain, cryptography and dispersed info storage-related patents to enlarge its technological arsenal, Amazon has also registered for cryptocurrency-specific inventions. Back in April, Amazon Technologies has been granted a patent for a streaming information market that would allow users for real-time crypto trade information.